Pocket friendly case for life p2 / true wireless earphones

I have a pair of life p2 true wireless earphones , which are absolutely fantastic. A lot of my friends have bought them too but but a common complaint seems to be that we are finding that the size and weight of the case in my pocket are a bit much. One friend resorted to not taking the case with him when going out and ended up losing one of his earphones. I would definitely appreciate a flatter, slimmer shape at the very least. Perhaps the stems straddling the internals rather than sitting on top of them. I’d even be willing to sacrifice some charging capacity for a smaller case. the same kind of width/length dimensions as a credit card could make the case wider and longer but slimmer and easier on the pocket

My phone and wallet are similar thickness of 1cm, whereas the size of the case feels out of place and excessive.

does anyone else find this an issue? would you appreciate a slimmer case?

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Nice suggestion.

I know they are coming out with some replacement case but do not know which ones will be available so I would tell you friend to keep on the lookout for that in the future in case they had p2 replacement cases.

I will say that if I remember right, Amazon may had silicon case covering that had a clip on it. So you could clip it on your belt loop or purse. I am almost sure it was for the p2.

This may give you and your friends another option.


Nice suggestion I really hope they take this into consideration in the future. I agree some cases are rather large making them awkward to carry

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In my opinion the air 2 case is the best in terms of size and portability

I’ve pilfered a soft pouch from my previous set of monster isports (long since dead), which serves well for my L2P case.

Mind you, the L2P case is pretty svelte

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im not sure if id consder the l2p case svelte. the life p2 case is actually smaller according to the measurements i found and im here whining about it. :man_shrugging:

I’m planning on just fabricating something out of some scrap leather i have. just to keep them together and slightly protected. I’m hoping they can last the day without the charging case, but I’m still kind of annoyed that it takes away the feature of turning them on and off automatically.

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Hope you post a photo of your leather work when done, so we can admire :wink:

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You aren’t alone in thinking it feels a little awkward in your pocket. More designed to go in a purse or backpack, compared to a phone. It would be a challenge to get a thinner charging case though - making something just as a holding case as you suggest isn’t a bad idea.