Points from ANKER forum have been transmitted

It says 272 points for event participation reward. Is that how your Anker points are showing up or is that something else?

It could be like on Anker where only certain people above a set level got a christmas gift. So who knows. There could be a number of reasons why they chose to do this now after being silent for almost 2 months on the subject. And you really cant be that mad as they stated what their intentions were whether we liked it or not was a different story. But at the end of the day its their decision to make not ours, we just have to trust and see where it goes from here


Correct, the points transfered are under event participation.

If that is the case, then I would no longer get a gift. I’m not in the top ten, I doubt I’m even in the top 15.

Previous to the transfer, I think I was the top spot (maybe second or Third).

@ndalby event passes very well might be an online thing…

Oh just get over it, so your not number 1 anymore. Your still number 1 in my book :+1:


those are only numbers… I dont see any use or worth of these points transferred… notes remain as-is, no change.

Everyone knew this day will come :rofl:


I just realized that points did transfer 1:1 unlike soundcore originally told us…

We hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t

What’s next now???

Is @Daiross professor?

Oooh, good question. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was since he did have the third highest rank on Anker

Could be, though the account is marked as female :wink:

Maybe daisy…

I am kinda torn with it, but I am on the cusp for getting level 16 and notes from that, whereas I know everyone else who passed that already lost out on it. Super surprised it is 1:1 though

@Insider flew by everyone for that #1 spot

So we can actually congratulate the leaderboard winners ahead of time this month :slight_smile: , at least the top 6, 7 to 10 are close and there may be more members in this range,

one deviation is, the points were transferred as-is from yesterday. per the initial communication by Anker / soundcore Community, it would have been before the Soundcore Collective started (i remember reading this somewhere… not sure where)


The points were originally going to be the same state that they were the day before the soundcore collective was released. In addition it was going to be an equivalent amount of points, and not a 1:1 transfer.

However, instead of that, we were all given the exact amount of points that we had yesterday on the anker community.

Very strange…