Points, Points and more Points!

As you guys know, Points make Prizes!

Everything you do here can earn you extra Points and/or Notes, but what if we offered you guys Triple Points on your Liberty 2nd Generation pre-order? That’s an increase from 40 Points, to 120 Points! That would be a pretty big step up for those of you competing in our 250 launch prize competition :money_mouth_face:

Well, we’re thinking about it!

We’re currently running a competition on Facebook and Twitter that challenges you to earn those Triple Points. Learn more below.




Sounds super interesting! I wonder if we’ll make it…

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It’ll take everyone’s efforts :slight_smile: Definitely possible!

It’s a great, innovative way to spread the word…

Nice to see you are shortening the signups links :smile:

Let’s get it done, shared and retweeted

Good Idea!

@Loz I feel Instagram should also have been included…

So pre-orders will be available through soundcore.com and amazon.com?

I liked the Facebook post! Hoping for triple points!

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Smart way to involve us in spreading the word!

So if I am not preordering, I want to not see you guys all get 3x points, right? So that would be an unlike…

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That’s pretty messed up dude

I’m just saying that’s the logic of the system, right? It isn’t me setting it up. Happy to spread the word, but the way it is arranged isn’t positive for all participants.

That doesn’t mean you need to wish Ill on others.

Aw man. I was hoping the liberty 2nd gen would be the mystery product :anguished:

Oh, the mystery product is called liberty 2 pro

Interesting idea💡

Already loved it on Facebook. Now to retweet it!!