Poll: Which music streaming service do you prefer when using aptx or LDAC?

I guess this could be on the in-ear section, too. Right now, I love listening to music over LDAC with my Q35s. I’m in a situation now where I have access to several streaming services:

Tidal Hifi
YouTube Music Premium
Amazon HD
Spotify Premium
Qobuz (I can start a trial)
Deezer (Can start a trial)
I’m listening on non-Apple devices, so Apple Music is out for me.

Here’s my question:
Which streaming service do you use with LDAC or Aptx and why?

Thank you!


You have a fantastic choice. If I had a choice, I would choose Tidal HiFi. In Poland, the most profitable subscription for a family package is $ 16 per month.
That’s a lot compared to our earnings. :slightly_frowning_face:

I personally have iPhones and Windows laptops at home so can’t really listen to anything in AptX or LDAC on my phone. I’m not sure what codecs Windows support so not too sure about the codecs. I also don’t use any of the services listed either though.

However, I’ve heard positive things about Tidal so I would recommend that. Personally I don’t listen to English songs so Amazon and Youtube are too “boring” and lack options.

For aptX usage and all AAC Codecs Spotify has very good quality. (also the family option in spotify is great)
For LDAC I currently use a trial of Deezer. I like the amount of music deezer now has as well as the HiFi quality as well as many songs come with songtext.
But I´m also waiting for the spotify HiFi options which was already announced.

Originally used Amazon Prime Music and had Alexa devices at home. But they just would not play complete songs and there was no help available to fix it.
Changed to Google home devices with Google Play Music but they replaced a good music service with YouTube Music.
Changed to Spotify Premium which works fine except it isn’t HD. Hopefully their HD version will be out soon.

Tried Deezer but it failed to work with the Google home devices.
Currently trialling Amazon HD Music and the HD and UltraHD sounds good with my Q35s .
I may keep it if Spotify HD doesn’t turn up.
Unfortunately it doesn’t play too well with Android / Android Auto and Google home - casting is fine but limited voice control.

All the providers seem to do free (Low Quality) individual, family (better quality) or individual HD accounts.
Ideally could do with a combination of Family and HD account.

I quite like the LUM songs in the Soundcore APP - they sound like high quality but I have no way of checking.

We use Spotify premium. I have iTunes with a large library of music purchased music and other digital music options. But I almost never use it and we use the download feature for Spotify to limited data use.

I use Spotify for the most part I have use tidal once that was also decent and I’ve played around with deeper and liked it too so I would say any of those three

I’m like @Shivam_Shah in that I’m an iOS person… sooooo no aptx or ldac for me…

I’m currently enjoying amazon music, and the base Spotify account meets my needs as well.

I get Tidal through my phone carrier. I like it OK. The lack of content filtering makes it difficult at times. I listen to play lists at work and sometimes I can’t hit skip fast enough when someone starts cursing up a storm! That has me looking into other alternatives to listen at work and still provide a great headphone experience.

Does Deezer have a bitrate/ resolution indicator like Amazon HD? I’m thinking about trialing that as well.

I think Spotify HD would be a great solution just because of their interface and multi device controls (whatever they call it… I’m new to it. I wonder if they will follow the Amazon Unlimited and Apple Music example and include HD in the premium subscription!

I agree with you on Lüm sounds. I’m glad Soundcore partnered with them. If like to know the numbers behind this streams to compare. Some of the people I listen to are also on Spotify and Amazon.

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Interesting that English sounds are boring. If like to know what you listen to. I just want good sounds. Thanks for your review on the LA2P by the way! It was very in-depth and made me a potential owner.

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as far as I know it does not have a direct indicator, only when streaming in full quality the song shows “HIFI” in the cover of the album. Then you see that it is highest quality.

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I’m a dinosaur. Never really used a music service. None of my Bluetooth speakers or earbuds support HiRes audio. I ripped a couple of hundred of my own CDs (320 kps) and use Internet radio.


Fellow dinosaur.

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@Steve976 And what program did you use to rip music from CD?

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I don’t see English songs as being boring but just difficult to understand at times. The lyrics could be meaningful but the way they say the words (the way they sing) gets confusing so it means I miss a couple words so I lose interest.

The boring part was for collection of hindi songs on Youtube, Amazon, or Apple music. Youtube videos (youtube.com) has several hindi songs uploaded by various channels so I use that or other apps designated for Indian songs.

I mainly used iTunes which I have on my PC (Windows 10). You can rip then with a lot of different settings (mp3 up to 320 kbps and even Apple Lossless). Just depends on how much space you’re willing to take up.


Seems a bunch of companies are focusing on hi def music for the future such as Apple and Spotify looking to step up more so I guess maybe ldac and hi res audio will start becoming more popular soon

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Looking back at what you wrote, I’m not sure where I got confused. Thank you for clarifying.

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