Poor Bluetooth phone souns

I have Q30
I am very dissapointed in that every time I try to use these to have a Bluetooth conversation, the receiver always complains about the background noise (I work in an “open space” environment, but still, not in a zoo). I have tried using noise cancel, but it doesn’t reduce the background noise the receiver hears.

Oddly, with audio cable this is slightly improved but…not good. (I use them with my iPhone8 and Samsung phone (personal and work phone))

Short story, these headphones fail when wanting to use these for a phone call.

Anyone experience the same?

Yes this is consistent with reviews. I have the Q30.

The mic quality was improved in the Q35.

Look at mic quality tests review videos.


Q30 Vs Q35

If call quality is most important to you probably you should think of entirely different products with microphone booms which point to the mouth.

There’s the Q45 out now, a mic test towards end of this video

Hey, thanks for this. I wasn’t sure if something was defective. I didn’t realize this on purchase sometime ago. Shame that the call quality sucks, something I need to be more conscious of next time I go purchase a product, as you say.

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Listen to the mic tests.

Do the equivalent yourself (I call another phone and mute it) and compare.

If the quality is noticeably worse you may have a defective unit.

The advantages of this community is we can ask real owners and wait and see before purchasing. I do my best to use here to make decisions and try to help.

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I’ve used the Q35 to test and I didn’t get any complaints. I’ve yet to test my Q30. Truth be told I don’t use Headphones for calls. I only tested the Q35.