Portable speaker that can also charge devices?

Do any of the Soundcore or Anker portable speakers also charge devices (phones, ear buds, etc.)?

All the below (and there may be more coming) provide charging options :slight_smile:


In addition to the products listed by @Shenoy, there are also SoundCore Boost, SoundCore Pro+, and Soundcore Flare+… Hope this helps!


I knew it :frowning: , had missed some of the charger speakers


Wow, so many speakers with charging capabilities… good to know, thanks for sharing @Shenoy @Insider


Plenty of options there. I have a speaker that is also a battery (and a flashlight). But not soundcore, and it really is bad at all three tasks, so… May need to try one of those out at some point. All bigger items than any I own from soundcore so far.


Thanks for all the replies! I didn’t see that feature listed on any of the speakers, maybe they should list it

Actually the Raves do list that feature, I just missed it :grin:

I have PowerConf and Rave Mini… But never tried / used it to charge any device,… Want them to have battery for the main purpose… Music and Calls!!

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There are a lot of speakers who serve as a pb as well.
I think the friends listed these all meanwhile.

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