Possible update on new speakers 9to5

Not sure how accurate but it’s a source I know and seems to have prices of speakers we have seen in the app




Nice find for info on these !!! Wish it showed more specs and can’t tell if the select pro added tweeters compared to boom but I wish they had and not sure why they don’t but otherwise besides lights pretty identical to the boom but man I wish they added tweeters


Great share @ktkundy
Hope you are keeping well.

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That would be pimp!!! I’ll be pretty bummed if it’s just lights added. Wish they would show more specs too!!!:sleepy:

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This uneven release of information causes needless consumer confusion. An informed choice needs to see all on offer and their differences. Some products are announced, launched, details made public. While others are quietly released, we stumble on them and forced to guess, often incorrectly and wasting time.

This undermines the brand, as you have different parts of the brand behaving independently, sharing the brand name but otherwise acting independently.


I will have to see if I get more details.

My comment that you responded to appears to have been deleted. I guess the truth hurts…




I’d gladly wait for official news, as it’s better than erroneous guessing, so long as it’s full complete information so treating us consumers professionally.

So is this what was once rumored to be the Motion Pro?

Soundcore select pro!!

I’d like to know what your comment was

Life Q35???

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