Powerconf s3 not working with Linux neither BT nor USB-C

When I first connected the S3 to my Ubuntu 18.04 system it sorta worked. Sound was ok but lights didn’t show. then it started working for no clear reason. Now it has stopped and no amount of turning it on/off or rebooting my machine has helped.
Any advice or should I give up and return it?

Did you pair the S3 with different devices? If so, Reset the S3, delete all pairings on all devices and only pair with the Linux system. I’ve found Linux hates sharing and devices like to share.

Typed on an Ubuntu 20.04 laptop.

why would this effect USB-C connection?

Also how do I reset it?

S3 has a logical relationship between BT and USB , if BT is messed it can cause issues with USB.

I don’t own the S3 but been reading reviews.

Suggest waiting a couple of days for others to chime in before a return decision. Linux’s BT is finnicky but @Shenoy is go-to for Powerconf expertise, wait for him to wake its 3.30am for him right now.


Thanks @The_Professor

@Joey228 have you updated the Anker PowerConf to the latest firmware version, done via the Soundcore App on Smartphone (iOS or Android). The latest firmware on PowerConf original is v28.48 and stable version.

Also use ONLY wired USB-C connection from laptop / desktop and not Bluetooth for PoweConf - this is the best option. Bluetooth is mostly meant for smartphone, from my experience so far.

PowerConf (I have this model) and PowerConf S3 might have similar firmware. I saw the exact same issue on firmware version 28.51, which has since been stopped from deployment (have 2 PowerConfs - one for me and one for my daughter for school)

You may also try to reset PowerConf by holding the Power and Bluetooth button simultaneously for 10 seconds. PowerConf would go through a power cycle and should be able to connect and use it there after.

I used to have Linux machine (Linux mint) which i gave away and only have Chromebook and Raspberry Pi. PowerConf works fine on Chromebook, will test on Raspberry Pi later today, which is the next closest thing i have for Linux and update here.

Do write to Anker Support if the issue continues. Support@anker.com

I have connect with Soundcore on Android and didn’t receive any prompt to update FW. I looked and couldn’t see an option to check for update, nore retrieve FW version.
I will try reset and update here and if issues persist will also reach out to support.

Update option is on setting for PowerConf, please refer here which shows settings.

Anker Support may provide more options to troubleshoot.

FW is 26.06 which it tells me is the latest.
Unrelated note on Galaxy S10e the menu is squashed down together with power switch and impossible to get to. Had to install on phone with bigger screen to get to it.

If nothing works contact service@soundcore.com