Powercore II (Frankenstein) - #SoundcoreHalloween

Shout out to @sean.L, @Loz, @Hannah and the rest of the Soundcore team for always bringing us awesome giveaways. Just received my Frankenstein Powercore II today and it looks fantastic.


One of a kind

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@Fuu_bar I changed this to tech than the review category (as review seems to need authorization).

The second thing is I am jealous as that does look awesome. Have fun with it and hope it last a long time.

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Awesome, appreciate it. I did not know which category to put it under and figured I would take a guess with it lol. It is pretty awesome, especially with the power meter being right in the middle of his head.


wow looks so nice congrats on the win

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This is so cool. We’re really lucky to have a talented artist like Collin Chan!!

I am so jealous you have this :rofl: Looks awesome! Love being able to do prizes like that thanks to Collin Chan!

Looks awesome. Congrats.

Looks really cool. Hope you enjoy it!

Looks awesome! Still waiting on mine! Can’t wait to see it in person!

they really are something special. I wonder how long it takes him to paint them

That is way too disturbing for me, I’ll stick to my matte black thanks. But I hope you enjoy it greatly.

Haha it is surprisingly not bad at all and goes good with my other matte black one.

Super jealous as that is one of the most awesome customs I’ve seen. Congrats on the win, hope Frank likes his new home :wink: