Powerdraw Participation deduction from Notes

Has anyone else seen this happen before? I am not sure if it was from entering a giveaway (which should use my giveaway entries), but I was deducted 17 points back on the 8th of Jan


Power draw is the anker raffle. You on the right forum?

There is no way we can go back to Jan 8th, only Anker Admins have that kind of access…

Also, believe this should be on Anker community, its only Notes and Points here on Soundcore Collective!

Fully aware of it being that, that’s why it threw me off so much.

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Wow!! That’s a bit too much to happen :face_with_monocle:

Hey @Loz, not sure what I did here lol

Weird…kinda looks like you entered the giveaway without having enough tickets in hand and it auto deducted from your notes…

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This :point_up: is the only thing to happen. Let’s see what @loz will find out

That was my guess actually. I just didnt know that was a thing lol

Its not too well documented…that and the option you have to trade notes for tickets (with a delay) on the exchange page seems to add to the confusion :raised_hands:

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wow!!! Can we do this for the regular Anker Auction, and bid beyond what powerbucks we have

@Loz this is something you guys may need to fix…

I made the same mistake early on. The giveaway page automatically sets your entries to the max number allowed, and doesn’t pay any attention at all to how many tickets you have. So if you don’t read closely and manually reduce the number of entries from 20 down to whatever you want to enter, it enters you for 20. And it does that by taking all of your available tickets, and then as many notes as you have available to make up the difference.

I was not happy when it happened to me, and asked that they change it so the system would not automatically convert notes to giveaway tickets - notes are worth more, and should only turn into giveaway tickets if intentionally redeemed for that. Clearly they have not fixed the problem yet, I am pretty sure that is what happened to you as well.

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I think I got it confused… So notes convert to tickets… and stays within SoundCore connective.

From back in October…

There was another recent post of somebody else having the same issue within the last month, if I remember correctly as I remember posting this link there as well.

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If you don’t have giveaway tickets but you do have Notes, the system will let you use the Notes to enter the raffle. This happened to me before.
1 Note = 1 Giveaway Ticket

Yeah. I think the suggestion if this was the functionality that the description should at least state that you can use notes and tickets for the giveaway.

I would prefer they just remove this functionality entirely, and make buying the tickets a separate step. But if they have to keep it, need a very clear warning.

I am a little more of having it. I just hear that getting notes changed to giveaway tickets do take longer to process. Can take or leave.

I was able to get them converted pretty quick… instantaneous… though it was 5 notes = 5 giveaway tickets

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