Powerful, moving collab - Yo Yo Mah - Honor Song

Yo Yo Mah teamed up with Jeremy Dutcher, to create a powerful and moving song… intense cello and strong vocals…

Perhaps this song was timely, as last week held a critical step in Canada for those looking for truth and reconciliation from the federal government… (alas, no politics :wink:)

Here is the rest of his album, complete with 8 other good collabs.

Hope you enjoy the track, and the album.


I dont know Jeremy Dutcher, but of of course Yo Yo Mah
Like him when interpreting Beethoven’s cello sonatas.

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Cool. Thanks for sharing!


Interesting music, but I’m surprised you listen to that. I thought you had a slightly different taste in music. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:smirk: well this is quite different… loving the cello and the other vocal awesomeness…

Never heard before. Differs so much from enytging else. Thanks for sharing

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