Pre end of year resolutions

Everyone talks about new years resolutions, with the inevitable abandonment and failure. Who has a current end of year resolution?

I have a weight target in mind, been working towards it for a while. Thanksgiving didn’t help, but I think I can still make it… Then I can start the new year off maintaining good habits rather than trying to start new ones.


I’d like to lose about 10lbs, and start working out more.

Good luck to everyone else on there resolutions :crossed_fingers:

I’ve never been the one to make new year resolutions. But this year I might who knows

Made a resolution to never make another resolution many moons ago, that rule still applies. Good luck on the weight loss, just remember calorie defecit is the best way to meet your goal.

Not a resolution, but I do need to work out more. I actually have a pretty nice home gym and some weights that I have gathered over the years because people were throwing them away. I used to work out multiple times a week, but haven’t been doing so recently.

Last year mine was to loose 10 to 20lbs (Goal is 20lbs), take more side work and do more reviews/articles for different clients, and hit 300Lbs on my back squat.

I’m down about 5 lbs. I’ve lost 10 lbs but gained some of it back while I was sit for a month and half. If things work out I will have lost 10 by January or a few week into January.

I’ve picked up a few more clients but starting next year I will have to take on another part time job or full time job.

At my last lift session I squatted 240lbs, my rack pull was 280 lbs but my dead lift is 220lbs. I don’t think I will get there. That’s a lot of weight and my knees and upper back are about a year after recovery from a lifting injury.

I have recently lost about 25 lbs. in the last few months, so my plan is to try and keep the weight off for the rest of the year! Kind of hard to do with all the family gatherings and abundance of good food!

I lost a fair bit earlier in the year, this is now some of those last stubborn pounds. You are very right about the challenges with all the good food.