Preferred streaming platform

What is your preferred music streaming platform? Pandora, Spotify, Apple music, YouTube music, etc? Do you only use the free version or do you pay for the premium service?

I pay for spotify premium and use that 99% of the time.

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I use Iheart Radio 95% of the time and Google Play Music the other 5%.

Apple Music ftw!

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TuneIn for live radio and GPM for on demand music.

I use Amazon music unlimited (so yeah, paid version)

I use both Amazon Music and Apple Music. I’ve had Amazon for a few years, but just got Apple Music a week ago. I like both of them!

The Family has Spotify so I use that. I have had Amazon Music Unlimited and liked it, but why pay twice? Also have used Sirius Streaming but can only skip so many songs before they stop you, not a fan of that.

Google Music

That’s what I use but only the free version since my trial ran out lol

Naxos, through a university. I highly recommend it!

i got in when it was cheaper. I’ve never not found a song

Apple Music fan here!

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Spotify all the way. I felt it had the best layout and feel about it.

Spotify’s free service for some. Amazon Music Unlimited for others.

Mostly just spotify premium

I don’t stream.

Why waste data playing a song, you can’t take with you? … Well on Android you might be able to steal the download temp file and own it then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I can find a torrent site (that my ips doesn’t block) then I download it, not not, I don’t bother.

Hopefully no one referred Lars Ulrich to the Soundcore community. He won’t be happy if he reads this…


I take it he dont like downloaders?

lol Lars Ulrich from Metallica. He was kinda like the figure head/poster child for the music industry shutting down Napster.