Preferred streaming platform

Always made me laugh when they would go on about how poor they are… We multimillion dollar houses and spend millions.on drugs… So don’t go stealing the cents we make on each cd… Bollox.

Haha exactly

I mostly use YouTube Music

Spotify mostly

I’m loving Apple Music even more now that there is dark mode! :heart_eyes:

Spotify is our family go to, use it everyday and find it works great for us especially now we can screen out the explicit songs, with the kids around!

Prime, which i texhnically pay for but not because of the streaming. I actually try to buy discs at concerts so the artist gets most of the money.

I was looking at NAXOS.
I knew that name only as record label. :wink:

Will do more research over the weekend.
I am often listening to B4-Klassik (local radio station) in DAB+
From time to a non yet know composer for me is presented.

The last one I have found this way is
Ernesto Lacuona (Cuba)

My university has a subscription, so anyone with a university address (students/staff/faculty) can go to a campus computer and sign up for an account. Once you have the account, you can download the app and sign in from your phone. Free access to everything!

It’s a bit pricey if I had to pay for it though.

Does anyone use Tidal?

I just got a free Tidal HiFi account through Sprint. I am just starting to mess with it, seems cool you can choose your sound quality (Normal/High/HiFi/Master) .

I mostly use google play music with my own uploaded content, or pandora (free) for streaming other things. Neither are perfect, but together work well enough I don’t pay for any of the subscriptions.