Price cuts ahead of launch

Not 100% which category this belongs to because it fits in News, Deals & Steals, and Tech. Anyway, as title suggests there have been price cuts on products because of the 12th Jan launch.

  1. Liberty 2 Pro doesn’t have official price cut on Soundcore website but they are offering $40 off on both black and white. On Amazon, they don’t seem to be in stock for whatever reason but the black one is available for under $99 (as of writing this).

  2. Liberty 2 has a price drop of $20 on both Soundcore website and Amazon. Both websites are offering additional $10 discount with coupon code and clippable coupon respectively.

  3. Finally, Liberty Air 2 also has been dropped to $80 like Liberty 2. Both colors on Amazon and Soundcore website has the same price so no penalty of choosing non-black version. None of the websites are offering additional discounts though.


I had seen a lot of these discounts kind of just hang around since Black Friday