Price Discrepancies between Amazon and

That’s how they get us, if the coupons can only be used at and amazon is cheaper we lose out


Amazon is the best place for deals on Anker / Soundcore… have never seen other way round for best deals

I lost out big time last year.

When I was one.of the black Friday winners, the prize pot was $150 each… HOWEVER, in eurozone, that’s not quite the same… in fact it’s a lot less and as the prices are actually higher, I was only able to get one item n 1 lead. I asked if we could have £150 in pounds, but nope, so as $100 is just £70 …

I got the infini which at the time was over £100 , or just short of the $150 save a couple bucks for a single lead.

Many times even on Amazon the prices we pay over here would get you almost 2 in USA! Seriously.

$100 is the same amount of money as 70 pounds, so it’s not ankers fault. Stuff is just more expensive where you live…

Who sets the price?

Check out this article.

Things that effect the price… shipping, production, storage, postage, taxes, exchange rates, companies profit margins, uniqueness, RnD, plus a couple things I’ve missed

Ovs market pressure affects price too. If your one of thousands selling a similar product, you obvs have to price accordingly.

I know other companies manage to import similar specs and guarantees for a smaller sales price, but are the same.quality… that obvs has some bearing, but usually you see USA product priced the same as the dollar price but in gbp instead… so if its 50 dollars, it’ll be 50 pounds (gbp), however anker chooses to set the price higher abroad, almost to offset the reductions in USA… now when a product is similar and one is more than another, people will spec shock, and go for the cheaper… this is why anker doesn’t do so well abroad.

I’ve almost always ended up purchasing anything on amazon because of the deals that run. I check out camelcamelcamel to see what the trends are to see if it is something that may come up soon. If not, I usually don’t go through amazon unless I need it super quick.

It could also be because most stock is here in US versus abroad. Its supply and demand, if less buy abroad they stock less and price is higher to offset production. If you sell 1000 pd chargers you can charge less than only selling 500 euro models.

Amazon deals are the best. Especially on Prime Day!

In reality, the majority of Soundcore’s consumers couldn’t care less about the coupons on here (or aren’t even aware of them for that matter). I do think it would be really cool if Soundcore’s prices were always like $1 cheaper than Amazon. That would give most consumers an incentive to buy products through their platform versus another which makes Soundcore less money.

1 Like needs to have deals like this one here Neo for $33.99

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I’m not part of the sales team, so I can’t give you a detailed answer on this one, but what I can say is that Amazon is extremely strict with its sellers, especially on pricing structure. I’ll leave you guys to do your own research on that one :wink:


Amazon is strict with almost everything they do… It doesn’t surprise me if they have some sort rules set for vendors about pricing on their site and what a vendor can do with their products on other sites.

Huh, so Soundcore might be contractually obligated to keep prices above Amazon during certain coupon events or price drops :thinking: I can see why they’d do that…

That’s my guess. Its worth researching. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But if the price is lower more will sell.

As I’ve always said… Money in the til, is better than money on the shelf.

In other words, if the price is too high, people won’t buy. Why pay high when you can go somewhere else and buy the same for less.

A few years ago, I did a review on a pedestal fan. My title was… My god at this price you can’t afford not to get. Unfortunately they seemed to take notice of my review, which was the first for the product and raised the price… Bummer, mind it’s still cheaper than the same item with a brand on it (yes I’ve seen it… Exactly the same item, but where mine had no sticker, the branded one had a sticker and that was the only difference but the price for the branded was thrice the price!

More have to sell to lower the price. In the end its still a business, them making up their costs always comes first.

Does Soundcore offer free shipping? If not would they consider it for a $x order?

@Rhapsody they do offer free shipping on orders over $28