(Problem Solved - The Answer is Yes) Do Any Administrators Still Work Here?

On ANKER’s forum there was a time we were swapping recipes like “old housewives”.
That was really funny.
Much more interesting than cut & paste articles. :smile:

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Sounds like a plan for the photo thread at least :+1:t2:

Well maybe we should have a recipe thread.


“Schweinsbraten mit Knödel”
I am perfect preparing such Bavarian specialities! :yum:

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I still check one or twice a week but almost never reply now. There’s just not much going on. I feel that that Anker has basically stopped paying attention to their forum communities.

They need to hire one or two people just to operate and market the communities. These boards use to be very popular. Now they are almost like a ghost town.


Unfortunately they keep hiring, then adding to their workload and/or then re-assign them somewhere else…communities no longer have the appeal compared to social media platforms that they can also have some control over such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Can’t recall the last time mods had any communication from the admins on either the community or backup DM services…


It’s definitely not looking promising. It’s sort of sad.


These message boards are a thing of a past. They won’t be around much longer. Their social media marketing programs will be more successful since most won’t want to spend the time being part of these communities.

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Most of these platforms are annoying. They are full of ads, reels and content the microphone heard me talking about or watching TV. Its getting more difficult to see content from those that I follow unless they are celebrities or influencers

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Then this chat still occurs, just in other places. Those other places just say when to buy from a competitor.

Anker not working weekends means when more people are using their products, the user has given up in frustration 3 days earlier when Anker wakes up and logs in. With so many brands the message to buy from a competitor becomes easier and faster.

Correct too many ads, Firefox and ad-blocks help. Don’t need ads, they just spread money so thin its better to use subscription and donor methods.

All blocked, by Chrome or FF.:laughing:

Seems this forum will die, same as ANKER’s had…

Hey guys!

Apologies for the lack of response, but I think a few of you have touched on a few reasons for the quietness as of late.

For the time being for any requests or prizes owed please send to me, as Vanessa is no longer part of the team here and where possible I will be picking up the slack. I really do appreciate your patience, alot of requests for issues on points and notes actually go through to the IT systems team, so it may seem like it’s fallen on deaf ears, we just have to follow some steps internally until we can resolve. At the moment it is just myself too, so again appreciate your patience while I manage all the requests!

In terms of community content and functions, we are looking at areas for improvement, we’ll slowly bring back some of the content and prizes, so keep an eye out.

Thanks everyone!


So I can hang my funeral suit back in the wardrobe
and put back my black tie to the drawer! :rofl:


Well as you see the problem has been solved.

Thank you @sean.L I really appreciate all that you do for the community. I was starting to worry maybe you didn’t work here anymore.

I’ll edit the title and first post to reflect that everything has been taken care of.

Thanks again @sean.L


haha yes you can hang it back in the wardrobe :laughing:


No worries! I’ve just returned from a vacation so took a minute to get back to a normal routine!


Thanks you, I really appreciate all you have done for the community!

I hope you had an enjoyable vacation!



Great to see you are back.


I am glad this is resolved for you @Steve976, and am glad to hear they are working on some new challenges for us @sean.L in regards to this. I have opened a photo challenge thread. Please feel free to give suggestions of possible changes and lets post some pictures and have a little friendly competition @Duane_Lester , @Chiquinho, @Craig_Paterson, @VertigoXX, professor ( I could not tag you ?) , and anyone else I have missed


I wanted to let everyone know I received a tracking number. :+1:

Thanks again @sean.L, I really appreciate it! :clap: