Prominade Style

Got the Cafe style first but the lenses were a little small for me.

Just got the Prominade and loving them!


Very nice…

You will need to do a review for us soon. Nice to hear different views on new items

If you have a wife you can give those to her. :wink:. A happy wife, a happy life.

What do you like the best so far?

Now you should tell us more about they fit :
Do they get lose when shaking or bowing you head?
Do they sit well on your ears?

If you are wearing glasses usually,
you know these questions are important for those
who are using glasses every day.

Next question is that about using prescription lenses and to change.
There were some “hints” given, but no one here has done such a changing.
All hypothesis, so far.

Did you just get new frames (the glass part) or a whole new different set? They look good.:+1:

Just the glasses part.
The set I ordered came with the
wanderer frames.


Looks good.

Did yo do the app where you previewed them on your face or did you just buy them. I think that would be interesting in how they looked in the app vs how they looked on your face…

I figured you just got the new fronts, but when someone suggested you give them to your significant other, I thought maybe you got a second pair.