Purchase of Anker soundcore circuit board

@AnkerSpeakers @anker.com
I purchased a speaker soundcore 2 last year but it got spoilt.
Please I need where I can buy the circuitry board to be able to use my spoilt speaker.

Kindly help In this regard

Thank you.

Do not think you can. What do mean that it got spoilt exactly?

Dont think its possible to buy that as a spare part…

Some more information about the problem you have with the board
could help us to understand.


Depending on how it is messed up may help ups to help you on how to fix it or where you can get it fixed. If it just went dead there may be one solution vs if you opened it up to mess with the electronics.

Typically they don’t treat speakers as user serviceable. They don’t sell parts for them. If you take it apart you might be able to identify a bad subcomponent, but that is challenging.

The cost of these is low enough that it usually makes more sense to replace vs repair. It could still be under warranty though, if so follow up with support.

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And thats it what I dont like at all.
All companies are following that way.
No repair, even someone skilled could do it by himself.
BUY A NEW ONE and create more garbage!

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