Q20 sound is distorted


My Life Q20 is only a half year old and the sound is suddenly distorted. Can I do something to fix it?


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Check the obvious.

Have you altered the volume between the overall volume and specific media volume? That’s the most common reason. Known as “clipping”.

Next most common is the codec got confused so delete pairings and reset the headphones and reboot turn off / on what it’s connected to.

Try those first.

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Thanks so much!!! For you it’s obvious, now also for me!!!
I unpaired the headphones and paired them again, it worked!!


Good to know. Try to remember what happened just before it got distorted, or if when it next happens try to remember the prior stages.

Typically it is because the headphones connected to different devices without a reboot and the bluetooth version, AD2P profile version got confused.

About every few months I also need to clear my phone bluetooth cache, as eventually the headphones were not the confused party. So eventually a headphone reset doesn’t fix it.

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