Q30 ANC Boosted Sound Quality

Hello,This is the second pair of Q30 i got because i thought the first one was defective.The problem i got is when i switch to NC the headphones after 80% of volume (with absolute volume disabled)I get overboosted bass,not on every track just the bassy ones and these that are more loud than the other tracks so this isnt always happening.(also its not happening on my pc no matter the volume or the bass)The bass kicks in so much that the headset trembles.Does anyone have this problem on NC with absolute volume disabled.Lastly its the same thing that the 1st headphones had but now it isnt so much boosted but still pretty noticable.Also im thoughtful cause is it that the headphones are faulty or my phone just doesnt work correctly with the headphones (cause my pc isnt doing that as mentioned before)

If I’m not wrong, people have said NC boosts bass a little but I haven’t read on a issue like this. Since it is not happening on PC, it could be your phone as well so maybe try some EQ changes and see if it still happens