Q30 ANC woofer issue

I got my Q30 a few days ago and I noticed that if the ANC is on and I’m on a bus, every time there’s a bump on the road, the woofer on both cups makes a boom sound, if I turn the ANC off, it’s fine but I can’t hear the music because of the background noise.
I tried resetting the headphones and forgetting them from the phone but it didn’t help.
Is there something I can do or they’re defective?

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Don’t have Q30 so can’t help. But there are members that own these. Hopefully they will respond the thread.

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It is because of the ANC microphones. The boom is caused by the wind that rushes by the microphones when your head moves. It doesn’t happen in normal because the ANC mics are off.

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Thank you for the answer, but what wind are you taking about? I’m in the bus, there’s no wind and the boom happens whenever there’s a bump on the road.

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I withdrew it? When?!

Are e talking about a loud boom like a part moving or a boom like sound that the speakers can’t cancel out. I do think it might have to do with the anc microphones but am not sure.

Also you did not withdraw the post the other guy withdrew his own post

You didn’t withdraw it, I did. It says that whenever you delete a post.

I’m taking about a woof sound like when you hear a high bass sound.

Have you tried playing with the eq in the app?

Yes, but it’s not a bass issue, it’s not doing it while there’s a bass drum in a song, it happens only when the bus jumps or if I’m running and I hit the pavement.

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I have the q30 (or better yet I had the q30 and son has them now).

I think part of what they may have been asking was on the bus are the windows down. If you hit the bump, the microphones that are used for the ANC may be hitting wind. This may give the woof you may be hearing.

I been jumping and down with them to test if they have a woof just from moving (potentially what I would think would be your bump with the q30 on.

I do not get the woof sound.

I would try the following first before emailing or calling service@soundcore.com

  1. Update firmware if you have not.
  2. Do the reset of the earbuds to potentially and re-pair any glitch from the first pairing.
  3. I am assuming you may ride the bus often. I would see if there is anything that that that could interfere with the earbuds such as a fan or open windows.
  4. If you are getting a woof sound as stated when you have the ANC on, I am thinking that it may be a loose wire or something that is going to the mics. Is it on both sides or more on one side?
  5. I would call the service department to determined what can be done for you.
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Thank you.
The windows are not open, there’s no wind (I know what wind sound when blown on headphones).
I tried all of the troubleshooting possible and talked to the support, the headphones will be returned to Amker to be replaced.
I’ll update when I get my replacement.
Thank you for the help.

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I noticed this with many ANC devices. “wind” might not be the best way to describe it, but rather air movement triggered by sudden movement into the microphone. I don’t know if this can help the Q30, but on some other headphones some users have reported improvement by putting a layer of tape or film over the ANC microphones

Isn’t that defeating the purpose of it?
Also, I tried using my wife’s headphones, sony wh-xb900n and they didn’t flinch when the bus jumped.

This is an interesting question I have pondered. I work in a very loud computer research lab with significant air ventilation. I do notice at times as if there’s a faint bass drum/pressure being applied when I’m in that lab. My assumption was the mics are sensitive enough to be picking up slight variations in air pressure which get funneled through the headphones. No ANC issues anywhere else.

That’s horrible, I can’t listen to music like this. I’m any way, I’m returning then to Anker to get a replacement pair, if they keep doing it, I’ll return them too and ask to get my money back and buy the Sony, they didn’t have the problem.

I had the MDR-1000X and it did just that on the bus. Never tried it but some users suggested taping the mics. You need some permeable tape that still lets sound in while keeping wind out.

thank you, I already returned the headphones to Anker and I’m waiting on a replacement. If the new ones will do it too, I’ll have a go at what you’re suggesting.

So, did the replacement fix the issue?

nope, still doing the same thing. returned them to Anker for a full refund, now I’m looking to buy another pair probably by Bose or Sony.