Q30 doesn't lower or puase music when transparency is activated

Come on guys we need this feature or were going to have to carry on pausing music first then hitting transparency mode,at least lower the music automatically when transparency is engaged

I like the idea. However, I would prefer that if added, that it would be a setting you could toggle on/off in the app. I personally like sometimes listening to music while in transparency mode. So I’m not always going to want it to auto pause or turn the volume down when I switch from ANC to transparency.

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Agree it should be an option in settings but not forced on all owners, there’s a pause button so those who want pause can do it whenever they want already, plenty want transparency mode to not pause audio.

So optional setting.

Just doesn’t make sense to me im listening to music but need to talk to some one I have to pause button then put hand on side to use transparency,I’d be faster taking head set off. Could you explain whats it used for please why would you need transparency mode when not playing music as you can still hear people with just the noise cancelling function engadged, but when music is playing and transparency used you can’t hear them with out pausing music.

Ya that makes sense so Burton to either lower music or pause music while in transparency or keep it original

What would someone who doesn’t want pause when switching to transparency mode do?


This is why an option in settings pleases more people.

To do what you suggest would need a firmware update so plenty of people would need to agree with you to make it a priority for what is now over a year old product.

Only brought this yesterday does the q35 headset support this function ,if so ill just return to amazon and pay the extra.

Sort of.

There is wear detection on Q35 so when you remove headphones they pause. Before buying it double-check and research I am doing from memory.

Q35 has higher resolution audio, allows more control when wired, and a few other differences, research.

In general, I use headphones to listen to music. If I want to talk to someone, I pause the music and take the headphones off. Maybe I’m just old-school?

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