Q30 EQ Experience

Instead of another general short review, I want to share my humble experience of using Q30s EQ. First of all, this is a terrific feature. Set it once and forget, as it is permanently stored in the headphones and can be used regardless of the signal source. What’s even more fantastic, thanks to a dual Bluetooth connection, the EQ can be tweaked in the app while listening to music from another source. But let’s go to my EQ settings.

In the first step, I have analyzed some Q30 frequency response charts taken from Oluv’s Gadgets. Rtings and Techtest.org. They were taken by using different methods, but some common rules could be derived from the charts. Despite the obvious bass boost of more than 10 dB below 200 Hz, some rising of 3.2 kHz band and lowering high treble may be desired.

In the next step, I have played pieces of very well known and well-recorded music, and tuned my EQ „by ear”. Also, bear in mind, I normally don’t use ANC for the better sound quality without the perceptible hiss. By switching ANC on, the bass doesn’t have to be suppressed so heavily. By averaging all results, I obtained this EQ scheme:

Assuming Soundcore uses 1-octave filters with Q=1.41 and shelving filters for bass and treble, my EQ should give this filter frequency response:

My EQ works great for me for most of my music. Some lighter recordings may call for adding 1 dB in 200 Hz band and lowering 6.4 and 12.8 kHz bands by 1-2 dB. Some dark and bassy music needs opposite adjustments.

This EQ may not work for you, as this is a matter of taste. What is your favorite sound profile in Q30s?


Glad you had a good experience

Thanks for sharing! Now try and quit the Soundcore app and reopen it and you’ll find that the app created its own Custom EQ with your settings, except that the app adjusted it by itself! Usually it will lower some (or all bands) by -1dB in the new settings…

I have never experienced such behavior. I have created several custom EQs and they are all in the desired state. No adjustments by the application. So this is not a bug affecting everyone for sure. I’m running mine on Android 11.

I see. Maybe it’s iOS specific, then.

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Do you mind posting the numbers of this eq.

Very interesting- thanks for sharing!

@cinek2030 You have nice ideas👍🏻 - have you tried to do something like this with the settings for other headphones?