Q30 Multipoint Connection failing (Firmware 2.1)

After Firmware 2.1, the multipoint connection has been more spotty. When I connect to my PC as the second device, my phone will disconnect after about 30 seconds. On some occasions I am unable to reconnect my phone unless I restart my headphones.

Have you tried a fresh pairing of the headphones with your devices since the firmware update?

Do the usual.

Delete all pairings.
Turn off all Bluetooth on any paired devices
Restart all devices (reboot laptop, phones etc)
Reset the headphones.
Pair just what you need.
Disconnect all
Connect the oldest Bluetooth version device first (usually laptop) and newer Bluetooth version device 2nd (usually phone).

See if that fixes it.

This may be just coincidence, Bluetooth gets unreliable over time naturally and a periodic reset reboot of everything helps all things.

I’m beginning to see also Android devices need their cache clearing too.

I have done all these steps. Both devices are Bluetooth 5.0.

I will need to do more testing but so far it seems the main issue is the Soundcore mobile app. The disconnect happened when I opened the app and tried to fiddle with the EQ settings on my phone while playing music on my laptop. The custom EQ options won’t load showing this musical notes loading screen followed by an error and the phone disconnecting to the headphones. Perhaps not the ideal way to use these but I didn’t have any issues with the previous firmware.