Q30 mute button feature

I have updated firmware to 2.1. I am expecting a convenient way to mute/unmute during my calls. I use Q30 for my work like Zoom or Skype with multiple virtual desktops. If needed, i have to switch to meeting app and mute from app.
A quick single or double taps on right could be a nice trigger to mute/unmute.


Unsure if that is possible but it a good

It is a good idea not sure how it would be possible but it would be nice for sure

Today agreed! Being able to mute without going back to the conferencing app would be great. A quick press of the power button or like you indicated, a double tap of the right speaker would work… please Soundcore,I don’t want to go back to my old headset for this…

Double-tap, power button click, everybody wants this in some way…

I was expecting this too, i’m using Microsoft teams, we can change the audio input but not the mute and unmute.

I have recently purchased these headphones and needed this feature to be able to mute Teams calls. Any combination of button clicks to mute the microphone will be welcome. This could very well be a dealbreaker for otherwise an outstanding set :frowning:

I wonder if that would be possible with an update?