Q30 or is it the ANC modes

Just got a pair of these and the anc blew me away. Coming from Beats Studio 3s which did nothing these are great for someone living in a noisy household.

However I have tinnitus and the anc in my beats never did anything that bad but with the q30 I feel like it did a bit.

The clamping of the headphones feels tight and I was using mainly transport mode. Is this bad and the cause as I couldn’t sleep cos of pulsating tinnitus in my ear afterwards

My guess is the different modes should be used in those places as the pressure is different.

I felt more pressure in my ear than with the beats. I want to like this brand as it’s great bang for your buck. Would changing to the q45 help or is just using the appropriate mode ?

Ask the support, please.
We did a lot of support work for free here in the past,.
But because this forum is totally neglected by soundcore, we don’t do this anymore.

Will say that I can not say if the q45 as there may be the same or slight changes in it cosmetically Your question may be that it is not due to the ANC but the fit of the headset on your ears.

I have had some beats that sat on my ears and not over the ears and those have different pressure on my ears that is affecting your isuse.
So if the curve is not the same then it could be how it is hitting your ear or around the ear (a little tighter) …

The other question is are you going to bed after wearing them. It may be to your benefit to take them off so long before going to bed.