Q30 pairing but won't connect

I hope somebody can help with this issue I’m having with a new pair of Q30 headphones. I’ve successfully connected them to my ipad but can not get them to connect to any Android device be that my phone, my partners phone or the Samsung Tablet. These devices will pair with the headphones but will not connect. I’ve downloaded the app and against n it finds the headphones but then when you click on the icon it just shows a loading circle and then nothing. It’s driving me mad.

You need to make sure that your soundcore is running
Press the start button for 3 seconds and the headphone will start after that try to connect it with your phone by Bluetooth


I’m having the same problem with my Samsung phone. Just checking if anything worked for you. I’ve made sure that it’s already on.

In the end I turned off NFC on my phone and they connected straight away. I then turned it back on and have no issues so far. I hope this works for you.