Q30 - Problem with plastic of the sliding mechanism

I’m found one issue with the construction of Q30. No extreme loads but just after 2 months of use plastic was cracked on both sides. I think this is due to the twisting when picking up the headset by one ear. Since each ear is quite heavy - its twists headband and the plastic sliding mechanism is overloaded.

Does anyone have this problem?

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This is one of the reasons I am claiming for more testers.
Those issues show up after a certain time of use and can be prevented.

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Lets face it… all headphones need to have the medal sliders if the price is above a certain price point.

I wills say that looks more like the headband than the sliding part.

I did not have issue with this pair yet but did have it with the strike 3.

I would find your invoice from where you got them and contact service@soundcore.com to check and see what they can do for you.

This is more of the type of issue a tester would probably not find, its a fatique design longevity issue. Tweak the design over years to fix.

The local warranty service has already refused to repair.
The sliders still work well. But the impression was spoiled. One of the reasons for choosing this model was the metal headband. Bad luck elsewhere. :frowning:

Wow that’s not I’m so sorry to hear that this is happening. Customer support didn’t cover this in your warranty?

Yes. Only non-mechanical problems are serviced. (But accepted the headset for investigation after my photo of the problem. Strange business process.)
I Will recommend friends wait for the Q30.1 or Q40 :slight_smile:

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The problem persist. They not changed anything in production process. I bought these headphones last December and today I discovered a crack in the area described by you.

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I had crack after a few months, got replacement under warranty but I am expecting them to crack when out of warranty. I’m on my 4th unit and warranty only goes so far.


Did ur 4th unit crack? Also Did they let u keep all 4 pairs of the headphone ?

1st unit I wasn’t sure if ANC working properly, not necessarily a fault, was swapped under warranty very early, replacement about the same performance so I concluded it is normal, 2nd unit the left side stopped working, swapped under warranty, 3rd unit cracked, replacement sent and kept broken unit. So I have my 4th working unit and the 3rd cracked unit.

Warranty replacement process is country and seller platform specific so don’t think everyone can expect the same. In my case I had to post back and send evidence of cost and got refund for postage cost.

I’ve always had good customer service under warranty from Anker, which is why I’m happy to buy from them.

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I believe for the most part they have you return the product so that they can either fix it or figure out where it may have failed. I had to return my q30 once for an issue. So most times they will have you return it.

I had an Anker cable that had an issue and they had me to cut the cable and take a picture before I received a replacement.

I think it may depend on what country you get it in. Some countries Aliexpress will sell some of the Soundcore product and they have different policies for their returns

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Agree. On a couple of occasions where I was urgently needing a replacement they dispatched replacement on my promise I’d post my failed unit back at my earliest opportunity. But I’ve a long history of being a good customer so I don’t know if everyone would get similar.

Indeed, AliExpress threads show why you should try to buy via those who pay for return postage.

I’ve had some Anker products they said to keep / discard as photos showed it’s obviously broken.

I had worse experience with Bose.

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I know your glasses came back probably quicker than I thought it would but you gave enough info for them to process it quickly…

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May be our Professor is a VIP! :grinning:

But he really is without any doubt.

I know. Should be named VIP_Professor. :wink:

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Thats too much honor for him.
We all know him as a perfect minimalist. :laughing:

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Well I only ordered from within countries where I have a good warranty and they pay postage, and only from Amazon or Soundcore, I take photos when new of serial number, I photo and write up a failure having used forums like this to see if any tips from others.

The return of my last unit which was Frames was different, they sent me a return code and I printed a label at local store. Before that I posted back and sent photo of receipt and they credited me. The return methods differ but have always been fair and fast.

I also recommend same to others.

The only bad customer experiences seem to be AliExpress as you have to pay to post back or get some partial credit.

Anyone in support who look at my email history would see returns done correctly.

Is the same problem present on Q35?

Can’t say about Q35, but I have Q30 for amost a year without the problem. To be honest I try to be very gentle with my headphones :grin: