Q30 sync to Soundcore app?

I’ve just gotten my new Life Q30 headphones but the Soundcore app cannot find my device. Am I missing a step somewhere?

Device is paired to my phone and working fine, but without the app I won’t be able to adjust the EQ settings.

Using Android 10 on Galaxy Note9.

The 4 dots top left

Then the headphones

Then the Life

Then it’s right there

Thank you. I followed those steps.

Any idea why the EQ settings link isn’t available directly from the My Devices list? Why would they design this so you have to look up your model every time?

Give it a kick.

Unpair and remove.

Then go in via the app and have it pair.

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they advertised they did so they should and as professor said they are shown on the app

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What’s the difference between the q30 and life tune?

I don’t know personally. An expert will be here along shortly to answer.