Q30 Wired Connection Niggle


Received my Q30s last week - seriously the best headphones ive ever had - and i have a fair few of Sony’s, Sennheisers etc but nothing has matched these for the money,

Question, when using a wired connection, how come you cant make use of the ANC feature? When the headphones are powered on and not connected any bluetooth devices, the audio is really quiet (like line level quiet) and cannot be adjusted by the headphones.

I know the wired connection is there so if your battery life is dead you can still use the headphones, but I thought you would be at least use the ANC function when using a wired connection on a non-bluetooth device?

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If you are using a windows based system, with your Q30s, there is a volume icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner.

If you click on that (perhaps right click, been a while since I’ve done), you should get an option for volume control on the aux input. In this case the wired Q30s.

You should be able to adjust the volume there.

If you are not using a windows based unit… sorry I’ve got nothing… :flushed:

As for the anc, perhaps another community member with these headphones can assist.

Please let us know if the above helped.


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Thanks - but i wasnt really refering to plugging in them into a computer. It was more a headphone amp, non-bluetooth MP3 player etc.

I should point out that if the cable and the headphones are not powered the sound is loud enough, its only when you power the headphones on for ANC and Non-bluetooth the wired connection goes quiet

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Fair enough. Wondering then if your aux cable is 3 pole or 4 pole?

I think the standard in the box with the headphones is 3 pole.

I’ve got a 4 pole inbound for my Q10s, alas they don’t have anc to test out your condition.

Standard stereo cable as supplied with the hadphones

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I am sorry, i couldn’t be of more help.

This sounds like a great suggestion to pass through to @Loz and see if its possible.

This is a great question! Let me bring in our brand manager for that product, @dorothy.li

@TheSnarkyOne ANC can work while you’re using Aux Cable. You can still press the “NC” button to switch. If it’s not working, please double check if the battery is normal. Also, we strongly recommend you to update the firmware via soundcore app to the latest version. With the upgrade, you will hear the voice reminder while switching between NC modes or standard mode even you’re using Aux cable.

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There was a recent review that showed wired connection and ANC powered on.

Not sure if this gets you any further to your desired outcome. But was interesting that he took a few moments to mention it. He also has written article included in his description under the YouTube vid.