Q30s pre order code not emailed out

anybody else waiting for their Q30 pre order code so we can pre order them. i havent gotten any email as promised by the pre order page online saying i would get an email before 12. Please soundcore can you guys let us know whats going on.

I’m waiting myself. Not sure how long it may take, but I’m willing to be patient.

yeah but they said 12, not am or pm. Who ever is doing their marketing/sales dept needs to step up and put details.

Just received my code.

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same here just got it

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I received my code, but when checking out, i was never given to option to enter in the discount code! It just automatically ordered with no discount. I am still waiting on the live chat support to answer me about this issue.

Is it supposed to be a code for purchase direct from soundcore, or through Amazon? I haven’t looked into the details too closely.

You get a code to use for either one.

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Yeah I got mine a few hours after my initial post. I wish they would be more clear on specific time. They could have said, am or pm.