Q35 - glitchy sound when using AUX cable

I just bought a pair of Q35 overhear headphones. I’m relatively satisfied with the audio quality, particularly in Bluetooth mode.

However these headphones behave weirdly when connected using the AUX cable (one of my computers doesn’t support Bluetooth). The operations “turn the headphones on”, “plug the AUX cable into the headphones”, “plug the AUX cable into the computer” apparently do not commute, and when plugging out and back in the headphones I have to reset several times, applying the operations in different orders, before it actually works. That’s not the main issue, however.

Low-volume sounds are very glitchy. The headphones abruptly cut off the signal whenever the input is too low (but audible, by far !!), resulting in long silences or, worse, on/off/on/off trembling sounds, instead of the intended low-volume sound.

These headphones are brand new, and their software is up-to-date. The glitch appears on all the machines with which I’ve performed the test, and only using the AUX cable, not in bluetooth mode. It appears when listening to music whenever through streaming or playing a local audio file. It does not appear when using my old headphones connected by the AUX cable. When listening to the same music at several volumes, I observed that more of the sound is glitchy when the volume is low; this supports my hypothesis that some software in these headphones cuts low-volume AUX input.

One of my tests used this video (so that you can try to reproduce this at home!); there are several long, low-volume chords already in the first few minutes, and they are the most affected.

This “feature” is not mentioned in the official support, and I have found no way to deactivate it through the app settings.

Am I the only one experiencing this glitch? Is there some workaround?

I have the q35 but I am letting my son use them for college since I got them.

I would try the cable and another device and see what happens. It may just be how the computer just reacts to the aux cable vs the headset cable itself.

If ok or not, I would try a different aux cable to see if that does any better. I will say that the aux cables they put in them are thin and I would try something thicker and overall just a better aux cable.

If the new cable fix it, the worse case either to contact support and see if they can send a different aux cable

The worse case is you can one of the BT receivers to use with the laptop and see if that will work…

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I wish they had helped you in some way. But they don’t. I have the same issue, and it stinks. I hate it.