Q35 How do I remove Voice Prompts when changing Noise Canceling?

How do I remove the voice prompts when changing noise canceling modes? I have Soundcore Q35s.

The other day, while I was on Do Not Disturb mode on Android, when I changed ANC modes, there was only a beep when changing modes. Which is better than hearing the robotic voice again and again when changing, and missing 1-3 seconds of whatever you’re listening to. I don’t know if DND mode had anything to do with it. I was also connected to a Win10 device at the same time.

If removing the voice is not currently possible, please release a firmware update allowing that to be toggled.

Clearly the headphones support some form of it with the beeping, although I wasn’t able to replicate it after that. It went back to normal after I turned off, then turned on the headphones.

Ideally, there should be 3 states with the proposed “ANC Mode Change Notification”:

  1. Normal/Voice: The voice tells you which mode you’re in. This should be the setting enabled out of the box for new users.
  2. Beep: A beep will tell you if you’re changing modes. As others have suggested, it can be like different pitches will correspond to each ANC mode and eventually the user will learn which beep means which.
  3. Silent: When you press the ANC button or touch the transparency earcup, you won’t hear any confirmation. The mode will just change.

If Anker could only implement one of these, I think the Silent one would be very good since the mode changes are very different from one another and after using the headphones for a few days, you’d know which mode you’re in anyway.

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You need to ask that from the support.

The best is to ask the support.
Many questions, many answers.
This can be done only be the support.