Q35 Muting everything but Discord?

When I join a call on Discord over PC, my Q35’s will seemingly cut sound from all other applications. Spotify, Youtube, anything I’m getting sound from gets muted. I’m assuming it’s a feature meant for phone compatibility with calls, but my Airpods don’t have this issue when using Discord.

If there’s no option to disable this or way around it I’m for sure returning this, crazy a pair of headphones would have this kind of issue at this price point.

You are using MS WIN?
Change the default bt drier given my MS to that offered by the manufacturer of your bt card.

So, assuming “MS WIN” is Microsoft Windows 10? and “…default bt driver*…” is referring to my bluetooth driver?

Then yes, I’m using a Techkey Mini 5.0 as a bluetooth adapter, and it has it’s own drivers installed, otherwise it wouldn’t be compatible at all with Windows 10.

Edit: I somewhat fixed it by changing Discords output device to “…Stereo” instead of the “…Hands-Free AG Audio”, so it no longer mutes everything… but Discords sound quality is abysmal.

You didn’t tell us. So I was assuming what you are using. Sorry. :grin:
Maybe others here know how to play around with bt settings under MS WIN.
I don’t, not using this OS.