Q35 on ear detection no longer working

This used to work and was actually over sensitive until I had the 1.2 update.

Recently it has stopped working and doesn’t stop playing when removed.

I figure you already tried this, but just in case you haven’t try resetting them. One other thing came to mind. I understand you can disable that feature in the App, make sure it hasn’t somehow been disabled. That’s all I can think of.

If that doesn’t help, I’d contact Customer Support. Good luck!

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I’ve had this issue before. I haven’t figured out what causes it. It hasn’t done it in a while. I found that restarting the headphones and phone helps. One time I actually had to unpair the headphones to resolve the issue.

What audio apps are using? iOS or Android? I have an android device and running spotify, audible, and libby. Libby and Audible don’t always work. When I get home, I will do some testing and see if it’s doing it to me now that I’m now running the new version

its not perfect. But I’d prefer to to work because its a useful feature.

I have tried turning it off and on on the app.
Pausing with the button works so its the detection that is the problem.

I have now emailed support.

I just received mine the other day and already gone dead despite the case fully charged
Only 1 ear connects to either computer but not my phone (yes I’ve tried the settings)
Ear volume was great then a downed muffle to nothing
I tried the reset twice and nothing happened
The Anker upgrade software did not work
Getting a refund

I have not had much time use mine as I let my son use them while his 30s were getting replaced.

I do know audio cord affect the ANC but wonder if they affect the ear detection.

I picked them up, put them on and found that the music started.
Taking them off completely pauses after 2 seconds.
Moving to around my neck and music continues to play.

This looks like a sensitivity problem.

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Sometimes I find I have to disconnect fully from the device like having it disconnected and forgotten and then repair

That’s odd.

I can understand why wear detection should fail, as it’s acoustics.

I can understand a confused headphone gets less confused by turning off then on.

What I don’t understand is why wear detection needs a reset.

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Not sure I’ve also noticed mine for a period of time had moments where it would almost change the eq settings on its own reset and had to have it forget the device not sure why it fixed it but a fix is a fix

I too have noticed a slight delay it it working, however for probably 90% of the time, I don’t use it. Easier to pause on my device.

Perhaps you have a dud?