Q35 popping and clicking sound when using LDAC

I just received my Q35 and was excited to try them.
However, I am disappointed to say that there is a popping/clicking noise whenever I use the LDAC codec.
LDAC was one of the main reasons why I chose to buy the Q35, as I have hi-res music on my phone. I am disappointed that LDAC keeps making the noise during playback because it interferes with my enjoyment of the music.
I was tempted to return them, but I was wondering if this issue might be fixed with a firmware update?

Hey, sorry to learn about the clicking sound on your Life Q35. According to the information you described, the issue you are experiencing is very unusual. Please try the following steps to see if it helps at all.

  1. Reset the headphones by holding down MFB(power button) and Volume+ for 5S
  2. please change the Audio Setting Sampling Rate to see if it helps at all. You could find it via: Phone Settings>Developer Options>Audio Setting Sampling Rate
  3. Try these headphones with another device

If the issue still persists, don’t worry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at service@soundcore.com by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply you within 24 hours.

May we know what is the device model and the APP you are using?

As predicted here

In addition to the usual advice of reset, look for ways to reduce 2.4Ghz interference.

Try to ensure WiFi is on 5Ghz, and keep as much other Bluetooth devices distant.

The extra bandwidth may be an issue for you, and it may be not your fault as someone nearby may be consuming a lot of Bluetooth spectrum.

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I’ve tried all manner of things to improve this - changing the sample rate, changing to 5G etc but nothing seemed to work.

The sound is decent when it isn’t popping, but the popping is too regular. I have now stopped listening to them.

Before you give up try these tricks.

Delete pairings, turn off Bluetooth.

If Android, boot into recovery and wipe cache. Or go to settings, apps, show system, Bluetooth, force stop, clear cache.

Then reboot.

Reset the headphones.

Then Bluetooth on, pair.

Tried all that. I should have never believed the hype about Soundcore.

I just switched LDAC off and am using AAC. I’ll just stick to that for now.

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I envy you that you already have Q35.
But the problem with LDAC would also upset me, because sound quality is most important to me. I wonder if other Q35 users will also have this problem …

@jamwalk90 Don’t worry - the Soundcore service is great👍🏻 and the problem will be solved for sure🙂.

This is my first pair of Soundcore headphones.

I was initially pretty disappointed that LDAC didn’t work properly, but the Q35s still sound good even with AAC and tick all of my boxes for a portable set of headphones. They are very comfortable and I like the carry case a lot.

I have contacted Soundcore to let them know that LDAC isn’t working properly, so hopefully this can be resolved soon.

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@jamwalk90 This is a brand new product and if there is a bug they will fix it quickly in the update.
is something else, the service will definitely help. LDAC is new to the Q series headphones and maybe there was a small bug …

For me the LDAC works great, I use it on a Samsung S9 and a Xiaomi Mi10. Both phones automatically detected LDAC and set this codec. I do not have any clicking sounds. It is crystal clear.
Are you by the way using an iPhone? There I have heart that other also have this kind of issue you describe.

I am using a Samsung Note 9. LDAC has worked fine with other headphones.

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oh, that’s strange that it does not work on a Note 9. Hopefully a FW fix for the Q35 will solve this issue.
Something you could check is in the Android Developer Settings, there you can change the LDAC bandwidth, maybe this helps.


Yeah, I hope a firmware update fixes this too.
I am happy with the sound via AAC, but I really got these for LDAC.

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Hmm I hope it gets solved although it might be a limitation of LDAC itself which is also possible given the environment some people are in

It would not be surprising for a new product to have bugs, the early adopter risk. I would assume many bugs to get revealed as more owners find what a limited beta testers didn’t find, then rapid firmware updates address.

But be aware there are 3 levels of LDAC. 330 660 990.

Your other LDAC working headphones may simply be using a lower bitrate. So when you claim others work and Q35 don’t work, you actually have to go into developer settings and compare. One other may have got itself to work by using 330 while 990 Q35 doesn’t.

This could be bug or the Q35 are fixed at 990 while others are 660 or 330 and so get by in crowded spectrum situation. You have to apples-apples different headphones each on same 330 660 990 before concluding.

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Hey, thank you for your effort trying the troubleshooting, if the sound issue on LDAC is unusual, please kindly contact service@soundcore.com, we will make this thing right once hearing back from you. We always stand behind your product and are ready for help.


I informed Soundcore of this issue via email and they kindly sent me a replacement pair. I had been at work all day so it was a surprise to find a new pair when I arrived home.
Listening to them right now using LDAC and the issue is not occuring. I must have just got a faulty pair first time.