Q35 review vs Q30 / Brannon No d

First reviews of Life Q35 already popping up…


OMG allready 3custom EQ settings makes me thinking the problem of the custom EQ of the Q30 are not solved!!

Lmao. You’re right… quite possibly they still haven’t fixed it or it’s just that guy using different profiles named “Custom”. It’s a crying shame tho if they actually haven’t fixed it after all those bug reports we previously submitted for Q30.

I’ve got a soundcore mini 3, and it’s full of duplicated custom profiles. So it’s probably an iOS app thing, not a Q30 fw thing.

Then they may need to reevaluate their software engineers’ competence in fixing long-ago-reported-yet-still-not-fixed bugs or come out with a statement that this is a “feature” rather than a bug.:roll_eyes:

Problem is that it’s so annoying because when you put them off… next time you put them on the sound has changed.
I have send my Q30 back because of this problem!
And yes i’am on IOS.

I have to admit that it rarely happens on my end anymore… I usually turn them off after use and turn them on again the next day (or whenever I use them) and the app hasn’t created a new Custom profile in a while now. So at least they seem to have somewhat fixed this issue but not completely, I guess. Speaking of iOS, of course.

Nothings fixed. As far I know the EQs get created because your custom setting is set between two accepted values. Let’s say your slider is at 2.3dB. 2 is accepted, 2.5 is accepted but the app doesn’t know what to do with your 2.3. So it rounds it up to 2.5, and saves it as a new EQ. If you haven’t met a new profile for a while it’s probably because your sliders are “properly” set from the app’s point of view.

Interesting. Seems like the easy fix would be to limit spider granularity to only allow prior values to be selected.

Makes sense, yeah.

Interesting info

Very predictable review.

Is it worth the price.

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I love his videos really great review on his part always appreciate his nice mic test with his son for sure

Good find. I’ve been watching his reviews since he was about 6k subs.

The q30 vid was great as well.

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