Q35 successor wishlist

With the Q30 / Q35 getting long in the tooth, the Q35 released February 2021 - over 18 months ago - speculation is rife of “is a Q40 coming?”

So time to get out your wishlists of what you’d like included, for the engineers to consider.

    • improved build quality
    • improved ANC
    • improved wired MIC capability
    • increased passive noise isolation
    • less sound leakage
    • AptX

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Comment for anything you want included, or kept and not changed, below!


I have the Q30 , not Q35, for me what they need to not change / not make worse:

  • battery life is ample, no need to make it higher
  • comfortable, I can , and do! wear for many hours, I’ve seen posts about improved passive noise isolation and less leakage, that means a tighter seal around ear and less holes facing the outside, so for me that’s a step backwards.
  • I like the buttons, I don’t like the use of sensors, I have them on Sony headphones and disabled. Too many accidental touches. I like pressing the volume play/pause buttons myself recessed underneath.

I’d like improvements in:

  • ANC. From comparison with Sony, the ANC is not that good in truth, I’d like more spectrum frequency noise suppression including more reduction in higher frequencies.
  • build quality. I’d less creaking and less chance of breaking at the band. So more use of metal or stronger plastic.


  • asks of improved mic intelligent handling when wired. I don’t use it but it’s an often ask here.

Comment below on what you want changing, and not changing.

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Personally, I’m happy with the Q35’s.

If I was going to change something it would be better/different drivers (Don’t take this to mean I think the Q35’s sound bad, because they don’t). I’m thinking bigger, like 50mm dynamic drivers or Planar Magnetic drivers. Call me crazy, but I buy Headphones, Earbuds, Speakers to listen to music. All the extras don’t really matter to me. I’m all about sound quality.

PS If I was going to switch over to aptX it would be for aptX Adaptive (HD) and LL.

PSS Open Back Headphones sound best to me. I usually use my BT Headphones in Normal Mode. ANC is introducing frequencies that degrade the music IMHO. Open-backs are where it’s at for sound quality.in my opinion.


for me if they could make it slightly lighter in weight or the capability of being worn on the back of the head rather than over the top. other than that I love my q30’s


Do have both (although boys have taken them for the most part) and do think these are a good start for the successor. .

Build quality was the biggest issue with the Strike series as the band was too thin and no reinforcement. I think one or two have stated the notched are where the slider comes out had cracked on one or two users as reported on the site.

On the earcups, I could have went with a little more stuffing but did like it was over the ear and not on the ear.

I figure there may be a few extra colors on the next successor.

It is always interesting to see what new is coming around…


I had Q10 and donated it to the daughters of a friend.
I don’t know if they still have/use these.

There were always claims about the build quality in the past.
Seems all models have this issue.

I don’t know if the customers did handle their earphones carefully.
They often claimed “broken bands”.
This could be made better.


I love my Q30, but waiting for a new model as well, because I’m a big fan of over-ear headphones


Interesting. Anker/Soundcore seem to chase Apple’s designs, so I’d not be surprised to see a white colour.

Ditto. You’d ask for anything specific to improve?

The few votes indicate build quality improvement.


Well let me expand on that…
P3 and Liberty air 2 pro both came in with at least 5 colors as did the p2 mini (most recent earbuds) except for the sport x10…

So with headphones they have tended to stay at a 2 or 3 color set which was what they had done with their earbuds until recently. It could be just a 4th one added but that would still be an increase per say.

As with everything, you have to figure out what colors will sell. I got that 30gig Zune back in the day due to it was brown for a steal. I am still amazed that it is still working pretty good after 16 years of use.


They released updates of Q10, Q20, subsequent to Q35, so I’m guessing a Q35 successor is more than a modest update, “premium” so you may well be right on more colours, but historically they announce colours and only have a subset initially.

In terms of my wishlist I don’t care about colours, so long as there’s a black / dark blue, I’m fine, and if there’s a “pretty” colour released later that just makes the black colour cheaper. :crossed_fingers:


May be many of the customers do like such fancy colours.
We don’t, we care much more about other aspects. :smiley:


I wish it have better passive NC


Do you know of a product with better passive NC which isn’t sweaty?


The strike series had a “Cooling Gel-Infused Cushions” although I did not have those long enough to remember and compare them too but the cooling gel was decent.

I still have them but am just using them with just one ear cup as the slider broke on the other side and I just taped up the other as to prevent it from sliding and breaking.


Headphone colours for me I liked the look of the prizes from last moth the seafoam greenish and pink but then again I am a girl but I would love to see the motion + in neutral colours to blend with home decor ( they seem , from all reviews, to be more of an indoor speaker but I would not put such a loud red or bright blue in my living room. But hey I am a girl so that just might be the girl in me speaking. I love over the ear and falling asleep with them on on a regular bases has not caused me any problems with build quality.


Well… All over-ear headphones are sweaty :grinning:


Not outside in winter!
They help to keep your ears warm and busy! :rofl:


I never use anything on/in ears outdoors, too many risks, I use the Frames for that.


Consider providing the inbuilt support for Linux as well, atleast for any mainstream distribution like Ubuntu. And need to rethink about improving thr ANC, this is the key in competition.

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I don’t think this will ever happen, true LINUXERs have to care about themselves
and they know this since many years :laughing:
But the LINUX-community is very strong in finding solutions for their needs.

For the soundcore developers is a lot to do to get satisfying results when supporting WIN and MAC-OS.

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