Q35 suddenly pausing playback

I love everything about the new Life Q35 overear headphones by soundcore, but I’m not sure why apt-x and its other iterations weren’t included in the codec list. Regardless of that little hiccup I only listen through LDAC which is why I immediately purchased them. As close to perfect as they may be for entry level wireless Bluetooth headphones with ANC, I’m having an issue withy music stopping in the middle of a song. It seems to occur when I’m using transparent mode and use the right earcup to initiate it. A firmware update would be wonderful to lower the volume instead of either changing the listening mode back to normal or completely stopping playback when the right earcup is touched. Maybe I got a bug in my headset but I can’t get transparency mode to work the way it should. It should simply lower the volume far enough that you can quickly listen for environmental sounds such as conversation or emergency vehicles and car horns etc… Is anyone else experiencing this? Transparency mode when used through the touch portion of the right earcup either stops playback entirely or changes the listening mode to normal and back and forth. …

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I am thinking they are working ok.

I think that the changing to Transparency to have the volume lower has a flaw in it. What if the person whom wants to listen to it while in Transparency mode will say that when going to that mode that the volume is too low. Or when I go from Transparency to ANC, the volume gets too load (ie they turn up Transparency mode to accommodate for the softer volume.

I do get a pause so that it can express what mode you are in but have not had it stopped on me.

Suggestion would be to make sure you are up to date on the Firmware. You may want to describe when the song is paused/stopping. If you can get a good description of that issue then service@suddenlink.net can send this to the techs whom could fix that issue. (

With the touch mode there are two options that it will change modes. It will go from transparency to normal to transparency, etc… or ANC to transparency to ANC and etc. So whatever you have selected last (between ANC or Normal) will be what the touch mode will switch between with the transparency.

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I find it just changes between transparency and the previous mode (Noise cancelling or Normal).

I would also prefer it if the touch feature either paused or reduce the volume, because you want a quick way to hear something or somebody. Transparency helps but not so much if music is playing.

In the app you can toggle the “Touch for transparency” on or off.
If they could add other “Touch for” options ten users can choose whether its pause playback or lower volume as well as transparency on/off.

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What firmware are you on currently. I know they recently had an update that came out but takes time before it gets to everyone so it might be a potential fix although not guaranteed

One thing to note, is although there are three modes for the anc (normal, transparency, anc) the right ear cup only toggles between two.

It will always been anc and either normal or transparency, but how to set?? Use the mode button on the left to pick between the two, and right ear cup to “set” so perhaps you are experiencing normal mode instead of transparent? I find mine, the transparent mode seems to amp the vocals in the area, kinda like how I’d expect hearing aids to function.

As for the auto pause, I’d suspect a firmware update may help (I found it kinda sorta helped) but I don’t use it.

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You said it when you typed that you would prefer it if the touch feature paused or reduced the volume when you want to quickly talk to someone or hear something from the surrounding environment. I also have Sony’s 1000XM4 headphones. Still declared by most review writers as the industries best headphones for everyone from occasional listener to audiophile newbies. The transparency feature when the right earcup is covered by your hand quiets the volume my 35db and turns on the microphones thus allowing you to hear (very clearly and accurately) your surroundings briefly to talk to someone or hear something like an announcement over a PA system. Good points and thanks for your insight. :+1:


Thanks for the interesting description of the transparency function in Sony headphones. :slightly_smiling_face: