Q35 wearing detection

Anyone finding this is a bit sensitive?

Found music kept stopping and realised it was the wearing detection.

I was lying on my bed with my head on the headboard, so it could be an adjustment thing.
(Changed position and it now seems ok).

(Spot the wording error on this page in the app).


I just tested mine yesterday and head movement didn’t seem to stop the audio. Will do more testing today and let you know

I had no issues. I did test on this and it seemed very responsive. I even tried to trick it several times… It may be just how a certain movement may have triggered it.

So I had a small bug with the wear detection where it paused every 20 mins or so randomly. It got fixed by powering it on and off. I have seen a lot of people having small problems and bugs but once they release the firmware updates, it should be good. Same thing happened with the Q30’s

I have random playback pause just from small head turns when working at my PC (dual screens, and looking from one to the other). I wear glasses all the time, so wondering if it’s the frame arms and the detection being a little sensitive.

The bigger issue I have is that I can’t turn the Wear Detection off.
When in the SC app, I press to toggle the detection off, but it won’t accept the toggle. Repeat and it works…BUT if I leave the settings screen & go back to it Wear Detection is back on again.

I have a support case open with SoundCore to see if it’s my Q35 or the iOS app.


Its the iOS app, I have the same issue


I have noticed the same here, and thought it was going bonkers… :flushed:

Seems not functioning, and also noticed it being a tad sensitive too… mind you at present it’s okay…

2nd day of use, so perhaps it’s just getting broken in :wink:

Yes an infamous unboxing soon…

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Latest info I got from SC Support - they’ve acknowledged the issue, and are working on it :slight_smile:

Our test center found out there is an error with the wearing detection feature, and we’ll try to improve it soon. I’ll keep you posted when I have a new firmware to solve this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!


I have not tinkered with turning it off or not… Just a random question… are you signed into the app when you do this. Not sure if that would be a potential issue to it or not.

IE you were connected when you first did it but when you turned it off, you were not signed into the app a that time.

I have had the same issue at certain times - I think my glasses might be pushing it right to the edge on occasion. Lying down with your head touching anything else would be an easy way to get false triggers. I turned it off to try without, and then left it on. I like the feature, just wish it was a little more reliable.

Sometimes on removal music hasn’t paused - on my laptop in particular. That might be related to which app is in the foreground though, the computer has to know where to send the pause command and may not always get it right.

I took a screenshot of the same page to show the same misidentification of the device.

Another set of headphones I have powers off when you rotate the earpiece to flat for storage / carrying - that seems to me a simpler and more reliable version of this sort of detection. It happens pretty naturally when I take those off completely or pull them down around my neck, so it pauses (very reliably) and saves battery power. And reconnection is so fast that it isn’t inconvenient.

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I guess I jinxed myself the auto pause feature is becoming more annoying then beneficial

No issues here. Windows user with glasses too so it might be isolated issues some of you are having. Maybe sensor in some are not aligned or calibrated properly?

I am now thinking it happens when reclining rather than sitting up.
My reason for thinking this is that the problem hasn’t happened since I started this thread.

I will need to try and see it it related to reclining.

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I just had quick play.
If I lean back on a cushion and move my head side to side then forward I can get wear detection to trigger some times.

The side to side movement has to be enough to reduce the pressure of the right side of headphones against my head.

Lifting the right side away from my head consistently triggers wear detection but not the left, which suggests there is just one sensor and it is in the right side.

(It’s also the side with the touch for transparency sensor).

Had same issue being unable to get toggle off to stick. Fixed by app update yesterday, so check for an update. Hope this helps.


I was experiencing the exact same issue with Q35’s! I tried the wear detection method to fix it and it didn’t go well. That said, it seems the longer and more listening time I’ve accumulated on them the less the problem occurs and I can officially say that while on this forum tonight for a couple of hours, they’ve played continuously without issue. Great improvement over the 30’s with the extra padding in the earcups and the headband and obviously the addition of LDAC among a few other under the skin changes.


I definitely think this is a wearing detection issue. Other manufacturers use light sensors to detect when the headphones are on your head or off. Soundcore / Anker seem to be using accelerometers to detect the motion or position of the headphones rather than whether or not they’re on your head. I think this is also why when you reset it via a power cycle things get better. I hope someone from the Soundcore can help.

My wearing detection doesn’t work
I tried removing and putting it back on
But it doesn’t seem to work

Do a disconnect from BT . Reset the headset and then reconnect BT. Make sure wear detection is on in the app. If not then probably contact service@soundcore.com

Did they come back to you on this? I seem to be having the same problem. It’s quite irritating when the music keeps stopping while in play.