Q35s Just Arrived

They look great, the case and the blue colour are really nice.
Quick listen before charging and they also sound great.

Just signed up to a HD music trial so I can try them out properly.

So far I am impressed.


We are waiting for review

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Any review worth reading will need at least 2 days.

Testing the 40 hours battery life sets the minimum.


Yep, good things can’t be rushed, 2 days is good 7 days is better :grin:


Really hope you like them looking forward to all the views coming soon

First difference in behaviour I have noticed between Q30 and Q35 is that the 1 second touch to enable Ambient mode also stops the music.

This is better in my opinion, as you usually want to stop the music in order to listen.

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Feel like a firmware update to Q30 can fix that. But yea that makes sense if you just want a temporary ambient mode

That was requested for Q30 also, was sent via email to support.