Q40 is on the way

The Q40 with apt-x support will be released for this year christmas. As we say in Germany; Wetten Dass?

Well within the ToS we can’t say too much about specific products, at least here, future products get discussed mostly on Reddit, then can move here once launched.

But yes, if you look at the Q10, Q20,Q30, Q35, you’d expect something else about 6 months away. And yes, it’s overdue AptX support in a product. AptX implies Qualcomm, which has support for bluetooth 5.2 which allows for better multiconnect

I’d say a good use of this forum within the ToS is to prepare wishlists, what you’d like to see next, rather than discuss future specific products.

So how much would you like AptX? Do you have any bluetooth 5.2 devices yet? Do you want better multiconnect?

To a significant degree, expressing what our next wishlists are is what the Soundcore product manager would like to read. They are probably deciding priorities now for next one or two products. So ask!

And the Q50 sometime after that probably. But no inside information here.

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I have no clue I mean probably eventually but who knows maybe they switch and come out with a new line