Question on Life A2 NC+

Is there any difference between the Life A2 MC and the Life A2 NC+ Earbuds besides battery life? I have not found any reviews of the NC+ version.

Dont have any of those. Sorry
I would suggest to contact customer support by email and to ask your question.

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Newer BT version

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I wasn’t aware a newer version had come out. I don’t see it on Soundcore’s website. I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

Well with the list of buds out recently, it is hard to keep up. Ps I did not know of newer bt version. :smile:

Well I mentioned it last week.

Correct it wasn’t a launched product, it quietly appeared on Amazon 2 weeks ago. I’d have to see a teardown to figure out what they did but an example guess is they shrunk the electronics so got some spare space for a slightly bigger battery.

Here is a tear down -

Thanks. The battery in the bud is the same capacity so means any improvement must have been in efficiency assuming they were both tested the same (same volume, same media).

NC+ case battery

NC+ bud battery

NC battery


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I just did a comparison on my channel if you are interested @byjz42hgpn. I included time stamps so you can skip to the sections that are relevant to you.


I literally just got finished watching this video. For anyone who is in the market for the Life A2 NC’s, definitely check out EL JEFE’S video comparison, and while you’re at it, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll wind up either finding out about a brand you’ve never heard of before, and/or decide to try out a set of earbuds or headphones that were never on your radar.

N+1 ?

Hey @byjz42hgpn!

I know some of our community members have already given a few suggestions of videos to check out, but we’ve also just posted a thread HERE that will help explain the differences for you to check out :+1: