Question regarding Liberty 3 Pro wing tips

I’ve had my Liberty 3 Pro’s since Christmas and love them. Recently I have thought about the possibility of having the wing tips wear out, break or otherwise becoming unusable. I’ve seen users of other ear-buds asking about replacement wing tips, and nothing coming of it, including Soundcore not being able/willing to sell replacements. In the event that they are needed, is there a way to obtain some kind of replacement wing tip without having to buy new buds? It seems counter intuitive to buy new buds when the wingtip is all that needs to be replaced.

Hopefully I never find myself in a position facing that possibility. I just wanted to know what, if any options would be available in that situation, as I doubt there would be third party solutions either.

Again, not dunking on the L3Ps. I love my set and hope to use them for a good long time. Just a curiosity.

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About six months ago, the admins came out with some info on replacement parts. So I would bookmark this thread for potentially what you can get but it comes down to you just have to ask the help desk for replacements.


Thanks for that link. I was looking for a post like that, but must’ve missed it in my searching.




Goodness. I must be blind. I looked all over their site and couldn’t find that. Thanks!


I’m always happy to try and help.

PS I really like the L3P. They are Great Earbuds IMHO.

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Heck… I did not see that myself and I thought I had looked around on several of the pages… :rofl:

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I went ahead and ordered a set to have on hand, just in case. Knowing my luck, I’d end up needing them and they’d either not be available anymore, or sold out. :rofl:

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It seems that they stopped offering these. When you click on the links the page opens momentarily but then it goes to the main page.

The links still seem to work for me. I was able to open both of them and add the items to my cart. Have you tried another browser or anything like that?

The Link works for me on Firefox.

Unsure but if you are from a different country, I am wondering if that could part of the issue of why the link is not working for you…

Sorry about wrong alarm. The problem seems to be my VPN connection. Without VPN, the link is working.

Thank you for the quick response. The link is working after I cut the VPN connection. Sorry about that. Unfortunately Anker is not offering these wings set online in the country I live (Indonesia) . I will visit an Anker dealer here to ask them personally.

I would check with support to see if they can send them out to your location…