Question regarding the resistance of the case

Does the case break if i drop them from a really low distance? cause it just did :frowning:

If it still works properly there should be no damage.
You should simply test it.
Are there any hairlines to be found?
But even there are such ones, it could work (But be very careful with moisture.)

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What case are you talking about? Is it the q45 case that the case went into or another case? I figure the q45 case just had a hard plastic insert. Always contact to see if you can get a replacement insert or they may have an option to get a new case for not too much.

If you are talking about Earbuds I’ve dropped my cases numerous times (My Cats help with that) with no damage. That being said if something hits just the right way, anything can break.

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@Steve976 i know someone who had a phone with gorilla glass barely 1 month who dropped it just the right way and shattered the glass, so trust me I know that saying just the right way. @disneyrayaandthelast I hope you have preformed a successful test and no damage :wink:


Thank you very much, I didn’t find any and they still work properly :slight_smile:


So there is no worry about it.
Those cases are sturdy.
A drop to the floor should not cause severe damage

Happy to hear all is well. They are pretty tough (the cases).

s exactly what I was thinking about @cazzy66. I still can’t believe that screen shattered. :cry:

glad to hear that there seems to be no damage :slight_smile: