Questions about the Life Q35

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Just got the Q35’s yesterday. Before aquiring these headphones, I had the pleasure to borrow a Sony WH1000-XM3 a couple of times. This decided me to get an ANC headphone myself. But it need to support multipoint and should not break the bank.

After some doubts between the Q45 and Q35, I chose the Q35 primarily from the perspective of comfort (more padding on headband, a bit less clamping, according to several reviews).

The first impression is great, ANC is different than the one de XM3 but sufficient for ny needs. Sound quality (not being an audiophile) oustanding.

My first question is regarding the comfort. I do experience a bit more clamping on the ears in comparison to the Sony XM3. But the XM3 is already a used device. So I was wondering will the Q35 become a bit looser/will it less clamp after using it for a longer period if time, when it shapes a bit more to my head?

Second question. I am on the katest firmware version. Is this device still supported in terms of receiving future firmware updates?

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Ask the support, I am sure they will help! :smile:

I have the Q35 and like it. I don’t find the clamp to tight, but my gripe with certain Headphones is if the clamp is to loose. I don’t want them flopping around.

I think every headphone will loosen up with use. You could also put them over a box (like the width of your head) to facilitate stretching them out.

As for them still being updated, I would think they would still be supported. It’s just a matter of whether there is a problem that needs updating. I have older devices that I’ve received updates for from Soundcore.

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Thanks. I noticed that while using I am getting more and more used to the fit of the Q35. Happy with the purchase so far

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I agree with thr update. It just depends on the selling cycle til the next thing to come out. I think q45 and 35 should have a few more as it is the more costly.

The tightness may just be the passive part of the headset to help reduce sound. There is always a chance to weaken a headset at a certain pressure point to make weaker by stretching out per say