Quick Charge 3.0

Hello everyone! Nice to be a part of your community.
I have two questions at this moment. 1. Does the Motion+ allow for QC 3.0 charging? The box and paperwork don’t say. 2. What is the “magic” setting on the Custom EQ to make it sound the very best? I’ve watched Oluv’s Gadgets review but can’t quite make it out. Can anyone help me, please? I thank you very much!
Sincerely, Don

I do not have it and I would not know for sure if it has a quick charge.

I did see your second question and I feel the only magic setting can only be heard from your ears. If we assume Oluv has perfect hearing, his setting would be what he prefers vs what your ears may like…

So I would say spend a few tweaking it the way it benefits your ears. You have not be able to hear the high or low and you would want to adjust for that you can get the best experience for yourself.