Quick Review - Soundcore Flare

Here’s my review for the Soundcore Flare, originally posted in the Anker Community Forum, which you can check out here. Also, I’d love for you to check out my Instagram account, Amanda Reviews It, for neat reviews like this one. I’m new to the review game, but I’m having a lot of fun!

Simply put, the SoundCore Flare bluetooth speaker is a dream to use. Stands out when you want it to, blends in when you don’t, and pumps out audio flawlessly.

I did notice that it appears as though the sound is slightly muffled from the front of the speaker and is clearer from the sides, but this doesn’t affect overall sound quality at all. Sitting absurdly close to the speaker, it’s slightly obvious that the speakers are perhaps situated facing the sides of the speaker. Nevertheless, it does create 360-degree sound. I always have the “Bass Up” feature enabled–you can do this from the app or the physical button on top–as this is when the speaker really stretches its legs. Bass is delightfully thumpy without sounding aggressive.

The dedicated power button is a welcome feature, rather than having to mash a mutli-function button to get the speaker turned on. However, using the singular Play button is kind of confusing when trying to skip tracks. Take it from me, hang onto the included directions, as they state just how to navigate music using the Play button.

The SoundCore app is a great addition, but to be honest, I rarely used it. It is nice to be able to select the patterns of the LED ring, but the speaker pairs with your mobile device so seamlessly that you really won’t have to rely on the app for any functionality. Speaking of which the LED light ring, it’s a slick feature that draws the perfect amount of attention. If it’s not for you, you can easily turn it off using the button at the top. The Flare can stand out or blend in easily, whichever you choose. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: it’s water-resistant, so go nuts and bring this thing to the pool with you.

Overall, the SoundCore Flare bluetooth speaker is a no-brainer. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 and a permanent spot in my tech arsenal–I love this thing!


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And great review by the way!!! Love the GIF with the water dripping.

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Was thinking the same on first reading…hopefully it will be made clearer on the table :slightly_smiling_face:

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still love that water drop gif & now with the glowing one… great job

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thanks for clearing that up

Me too! That’s such a cool thing :smiley:

I love GIFs. I actually made one in reverse of me throwing an Icon into a lake. It makes me look like Thor calling his hammer :laughing:



Hi guys,

Here’s is what I find about Soundcore Flare:




The next could be, you walk into the lake speakers on both hands wearing al long white shirt and playing some Wagner
(I suggest Walküre). :joy::joy::joy:

Loved that gif you created and great review!