Quinn from Soundcore Customer Support

I had a small issue with my Liberty Pro 3 earbuds and I contacted customer support to inquire about warranty services. Within a day a new set of earbuds was sent to me. Speaking to Quinn from Soundcore Customer Support was effortlessly and seamless. I believe the products I have purchased from Soundcore are very well made and suffice expectations for their price. But more importantly I know now that after they sell a product they continue to care for their customers with an unparalleled professionalism. Thank you, Quinn for assisting me with a such care.

Very Respectfully,
Pete B.


Glad about your possitive impresions


Good to hear that you had a positive support experience.


We all know here, that the support is perfect.
So now you do too!:laughing:


Hoping that you have similar experience here on the community. Lots of fun things to do, get involved with (new music Friday’s, Sunday Soundcore stories, and such).

Good to hear about your positive experience, and welcome to the community!

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It’s great that the matter was solved in such a great way.
I also have L3P - I hope I won’t have to use the service :slightly_smiling_face:.

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So you got a new pair and didn’t have to send the old one back?

Here and then i have a “crackling” noice in my right ear when transparecny mode or anc is turned on. Especially when moving around or moving my head.

Nice to hear you were taken care of. Support has a good reputation for taking care of people here.

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